Every Mom’s Guide To Spa Party

Who said spa parties are only for teens and adults? Everyone loves to be pampered, even kids. If you’re a parent who plans on giving your little princess a unique yet special birthday party, you might want to try this one. A spa party focuses mainly on pampering the guests from facials to relaxing foot baths. Here are some tips to make your event a success.

Start with the invitations

Even if you’re planning on inviting only a few kids, it would still be nice to have an invitation sent to them. It makes them excited knowing that a party is on the way. You can choose from a variety of spa party invitation themes such as soap box design.

Prepare the needed materials (decor, pampering stuff and food)

When shopping for your party needs, it is better to rely on nearby shops than online. It saves time and money since you’ll only need simple pampering essentials such as nail polish, foot scrub or glitter hairsprays. It is best to buy the organic ones since they don’t contain harsh chemicals that may harm the children. Also, you don’t have to worry about the decorations since they don’t need to be flashy. A few pastel colored balloons or hanging decor will do.

Food is also cheaper unlike the usual childrens party Brisbane. You can serve something light such as vegetable salad, pizza and a simple cake. You can save yourself from all those dessert tables and fancy foods since a spa party doesn’t focus on this aspect of the party.


Make a list of activities for your planned party. Sequence them from the time your visitors arrive until they leave so that no one gets bored. If you have more guests than your pamper stations, try splitting them into groups and have them take a rotation of turns in each activity. Here are some fun activities for your event:

  • Glamorous hairdo
  • Pretty and posh nails
  • All-organic facial treat
  • Make up (for older kids)
  • Foot spas and bubble soaks
  • Relaxing tea party
  • Bath bombs

Party Bags and Giveaways

Keep it simple. Giveaways for kids pamper parties can be those bath bombs they made plus some pampering essentials such as lotion, face cream and mini tissue packets. You can also send them home with a slice of their party cake.Pamper parties are really simple and budget friendly. Aside from saving yourself from the stress in planning for a regular birthday party, you can also make your little princess feel a lot more special and relaxed.

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